The Artique team will not be holding back this year.   We squatted  on our land as a result our town has doubled in size.   With so many surprises its hard  to keep them a secret we are scheming, dreaming, and filling in all the holes we couldn’t finish last year.... read more

Villains Tavern – Halloween 2014

Los Angeles what a night at Villains Tavern and guess what we are doing it all over again.. but this time it’s FREE!! O wait last night was free too…this is like making money while you party. Witches brew, side show acts of all kinds,W.C. Thornbush and The... read more


Hours of operation Thanks for stopping by to investigate our finds.  Our hours are more of a guideline then a set in stone kind of thing. If we were not here our apologizes, however don’t loose hope you can always pick up your cell phone and call we live at the beach... read more