About the Grand Artique

Past & Present

Our skin is art, oddities, and curiosities. Our trading post is genuinely vintage , our structures are unique & timeless, we operate a prop house & rental establishment with our visions set on Event creations and Major Productions.

Two Brothers started trading, selling, and giving everything we owned in 2008, to the humble establishment and living entity tHe gRaNd aRtiQuE. However, we have been in the trading business our whole lives our Mother brought us up in the thrift store our Father is a salesmen our Grandfather was too and his kid sold the moon. We’ve been trading and selling anything we thought worth a nickel since we could count. Loved the swap meet, can’t pass a garage sale and have held more of those then lemonade stands, sold more shirts, and mix tapes, cd’s , flowers, , bikes, wips, jog-a-thon slips, candles, silk, and San Felipe trips then we can count. We’ve set up shop from Telegraph to Las Ramblas, Hyde park to Central Park, Subways in Shanghai and New York, hit festivals and parking lots from Australia to Asia from Missorri to the Four Corners. Our house was packed garaged busting at the seams. So we built the Artique Attic, cleaned out everything we owned, wrote the golden ticket a mission statement , and took our show on the road.


 What We Do

  • Retail Brick and Motar Store 

  • Rental Prop House 

  • Events & Productions Company

  • Design & Concept Studio

Golden Ticket

Life is Better

Treasures we may carry

surely those we seek.

Leather Cuffs, rings, ties, scarf’s,

faces, vases, canes, chandeliers, cuff

links, chains, Persian rugs, nomadic

mats, books, hooks, hinges, wooden

bats, pirate maps, weapons used by

indigenous cats, photo’s, art, sculptures, dark,

light, abstract, or graffiti street style out the back

pack. We like: depression glass, balsa wood, vintage

skates, pictures, trunks, heirlooms, tapes, records like the

filthy funk, dirty blues, rockabilly, punk, country beats, breaks

and jazz, leather, tools, and beat up flags, fedora caps, newsboy 1920’s

hats. We dig bells, whistles, bags, belts, knives, buckles , furs, or pelts,

pocket watches,  lockets , or pieces of eight, shipwrecked riches,

mirrors, rubies, pearls, canvasses with fine paint, stones, crystals, scales,

and weights, rocks, locks, slate, umbrellas, bones, horns, liquid grapes,

torn- withered- worn suits, marbles, benches, chairs, antique eclectic unique
or eccentric, and rare, old, dusty, dirty, rusty , filthy, not junkie, but lucky with
patina not touched and we are Artique attics, salvage fanatics, with estate- yard -
garage sale habits , we’re swap meet divers, vintage survivors, purveyors of the aged,
looking for the livelier reasons to save the things you just want to throw away. We’re local
minded environmentally winded up; entwined in this endeavor we want to make forever. We are
all opened up -100% genuine unusually real . . Something you can taste, touch, and feel. The
Grand Artique a place where you will always find something unique, something odd, step in for a
peak, at the interesting, intriguing, we will transport you to another world, another time zone, another
era. A place where the past smashes into the future, where modern dances with the Americana its where
you’ll experience elegance and indulge your inner vices. We’re odd freaks of curiosity standing on our stoop
looking for more like us to complete our circus troupe. Please feel free to come down and get weird, abnormal, strange,
peculiar, and deranged. we have our eyes peeled for jugglers, contortionist, magician’s, clowns, comics, musicians, artists, dancers, actors,
specialty skilled people to help complete our cast of characters.  Starring …. Bosswhispers proprietor, Breck’n’thelaw , W.C Thornbush,
Lady Thronbush , Nurse BR, Floozy Magee, Father O’connor, Chicken Foot Louise, Skinnny Daville,, Bone, and the Pig, all ready to Trade,
Build, Perform, Entertain and invite you to let go of what you think you know shake hands and make an old fashion deal!

Doing What We Love

Since 2008
We are dream catchers, whatever you dream we can make a reality. We specialize in custom designing event spaces; from staging to furniture, rentals, to retail, we can: design, create, build, and install, a miniature or grandiose scale art installation and if you so desire we can populate performers or an entire performance for your event.


Making Lives Fulfilled

A place where dreams are encouraged and possibilities become reality. More than a physical place, tHe gRaNd aRtiQuE is a state of mind. The inspiration for what we do can be traced back to the earliest trading posts and later to the traveling covered wagon “Pitchmen” who seemed part salesman, part magician. A time and place where goods had no set price but rather where buyer and seller came to an agreement either by trading one item for another or by a negotiated payment in coin. We respect and honor the past, and honor these values through music, costumes, staging, artifacts, humor and real life characters, combining each element to entertain, mesmerize and engage present day audiences.

Having brought our unique brand of entertainment to numerous multi-day festivals from coast to coast over the years, our troupe of professional entertainers understand and support the notion that it’s never about us and always about the audience. We have been successful because we provide the atmosphere that encourages promotes and, at times, requires audience participation… and that’s when the fun really starts.

Future Shock for tHe gRaNd aRtiQuE

To welcome anybody when our door is open.
To go against the grain, to make trades, deals, and sell our collection.
To have our work always be our playground, to feel unrestricted,
To let loose, re-use, recycle, reclaim, and pass on the story,
To bring a new life to lost treasures.
To get paid proper to do what we do.
To learn, grow, seek, listen, hear, and speak truth.
To inspire to be more. To be an anomaly.
Our mission for the future is
To be a nucleus of positive energy that attracts the cosmic uncertainty with a power of certainty.

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