The Artique team will not be holding back this year.   We squatted  on our land as a result our town has doubled in size.   With so many surprises its hard  to keep them a secret we are scheming, dreaming, and filling in all the holes we couldn’t finish last year. Ladies and Gentlemen if you’ve been to LIB and have know idea what The Grand Artique is step away from the speakers,  leave your camp behind for a few hours,  the woogie stage will still be thumping,  the Oaisis still pumping foam, the temple will will still be humming OMMMM, turn the page on the main stage and stop by something unique something you’ll never forget we’re back in Rare Form  tHe gRaNd aRtiQuE if your not dancing, trading, voting, or lip locking our sheriff to get outta jail we’d probably guess your stuck at the Skinnies sucking back a cold one hell, Bring yourself , bring a friend,  say it once say it twice third times a charm we’ll do anything you want us to do , we’ll say anything you want us to say come on down … chew on a dog whoooaaaaa

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