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Life is Better At The Grand Artique

We are creators, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and experts in fun we bring to life our vision of a quality driven and aesthetically pleasing interactive zone. Showcasing a well rehearsed, breathing, living, art enigma. We can come equipped with a fully operational staffed and stocked Trading Post/ General Store, a Stage for music and theatrics . We are a cast of characters creating an experience within the experience with continual improvisational skits, music, art, entertainment, and overall enjoyment for all participants. All while supplying the people with the essentials they may have forgotten or did not realize they wanted. This all happens to be The Grand Artique under the town name Frontierville.


All Shapes & Sizes

With one ear in the past and the other in the present we aim to work with a wide range of musicians and performing artists. Having worked with and booked stages for multiple larger music festivals and local venues. We have the resources and know how to bring on artists small or large and give them a good long lasting experience. The stages we build are one of a kind, our goal is to source materials locally using found objects and discarded wood to create a façade that is “lived in” and gives the image of our area the fullness which The Grand Artique is known for. We can provide a crew to finish the stage decorate, manage and produce the stage we look at each one as an instillation a fully functioning stage and art space. Please send all inquiries to

Art Installations


front_aboutWe respect and honor the past, and demonstrate that through music, costumes, staging, artifacts, humor and real life characters, combining them all to entertain, mesmerize and engage present day audiences. Our installations are based on the clients needs, wants, desires and dreams. With enough leverage you can move the world and with enough budget we can create anything. Normally we Are a place situated between nostalgia and satire and are wholly invested in the era of the American Frontier. A place with its own anthem, church, politician, oligarchy, brothel, saloon. We strive to create a solid foundation on which your guests can create their own imaginary concoctions to facilitate the otherworldly ambiance. If intrigued, the nuts and bolts of our imagination will follow please e mail

Event Space Creations


violanHave empty space? Need something to fill the void? Having problems coming up with ideas, concepts , designs. Give us a call we can send one of our artistically certified geniuses out to your zone to do a walk through its FREE . Take some notes measurements, kick around some ideas , then draft up a scalable creation of your vision. Think about your dream area customized, bar, backyard, yoga studio, empty lot, state park, or side ally of your New York coffee shop . No area is to big or to small. If you have space we can make it come to life.



performanceNeed a clown? Need a band? High flying Aierleist? Looking for someone to play the Great Gatsby at your next Academy award party? Each member of our troupe is dedicated to being a performer. Weather that’s playing a part, or swallowing a sword we can do skits, duels, juggle, dance, twirl fire, all while playing the piano during your event. We can offer a house band that plays in between acts , or while the main act is performing our area will be a non stop interactive performance zone from roping competitions, to games, to improved skits, choreographed dance numbers, comedy, campaigning, and shenanigans aimed to engage the general public while keeping their fun meter cranking at high decibels.

The Teamsters

The People of the Unusual

Teamsters  Grand Artique



Boss Blackie Dearheart , El Patron Corazon

Chief of the dust lord gang, third generation trader been a family business for over a 100 years. Sly slippery semi shady fast talker, cut throat lip racer would trade his dog for a hog if he was Hungary loves his women and his brother. Twirls mustache and fingers his beard. Soft spot for kids, edgy, punchy, knows what he likes. Loves women, likes to flirt but only has one gal. Freedom for all the good people so long as they follow through, work hard, obey the law, don’t complain, contribute and campaign on the way to victory and a fair trade!



Breck-N-the-Law, Doctor Law, or Whitey Snorts Worth

Good at everything, especially roping, charming, sales and keeping order. A kissing bandit, chews tobacco always for the first time, limps, spits, switches personalities in an instance. Last to sleep, the first to rise. A true drunken prankster. Loves all women, likes guns, likes competition, hates to lose, likes fancy things, expensive whiskey, good stories, a women’s bustle but can’t stand for drama or unlawful conduct.

The Sheriff, Salesmen, Lover, and Doctor.  His goal is to protect, serve , uplift the the town and find his women to carry 6 children.



Guybrush Threepwood A.K.A. Guybrush Throwwood, Gleebrush Threepwad, Flybrush Sleepgood, Guisebush Treewood, Guyflush Threeppoo, Gaybunch Thickwood, GuyBAHHH Sheepfood

He is Kind, Whimsical, Smart, Observant. Once the deck manager of an illustrious ocean liner! Life was good, serving the glitz and glam of his time. Patrons would search him out for his ability to grant desires with the wave of his hand. It wasn’t long till he got his own ship, to serve as captain!  The ship was christened after his lost love…Titania

and would sink a mile off shore. Ask him how he got to Frontierville.



Horace Lee Logan or “Lefty” for short.

Drinks with strangers, comingles with strange women, speaks his mind and doesn’t mind a good tussling. Before settling down, “Lefty” was a Fur Trapper, Army Scout, Explorer, Pioneer, and Buffalo Trainer, Daring and Brave Frontiersmen and a Gun fighter.

The place where he earns a living: Skinny DeVille’s.



Half Bit the 2-Bit.....

A mystery man from another land. He seemed to have appeared into town on a fog filled drunken morning.. no one seemed to know where or why but he came with his suitcase of odd gadgets. A happy go lucky world traveler with rich history in the arts, the world of vaudeville and sciences. His smiling eyes and a big watermelon slice of a smile welcomes his crowd, and boy does he love to dance.

Dubbed a 2-bit to whatever he has dubbed himself. A fortune teller? A circus ringmaster?  Famous poet? Potion maker?



Father John Sunday

He plead for your mercy as the devil whiskey and many stout clubs to the head, courtesy of his frequent plunge into a donnybrook over the merest flicker of offense. “As Christ the Man said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Well, Frontierville has sinners in abundance and, unrepentant as they may yet be, I will ever rejoice when my circuit takes me back amongst the Frontillians, foul and fair alike! I have, as i mentioned, always had a fondness for broken windows.”



Madame Mieu Mieu

Madame Mieu Mieu and in the dark and slippery underbelly of Frontierville I reign as Queen. This smoking mistress keep the harlots in check for wandering men. No one dare question the ol dragon lady, ’cause she always gits her way.



Skinny De'ville A.K.A. Skin's, barkeep, frenchie

He’s the local elixir mixer and womanizer. Skinny is one third french (from his fathers side), one third southern creole (from his mama) and one third whiskey farmer (from who knows where).



Miss Livinia Rose

Also responds to: Ramblin Rose, Ollie Ollie Oxen Free, or ‘hey sugar’ Between Midnight and 3:37am- Grizzelda (the half-bear witch)

Characteristics: Selectively mute, excessively shy yet flirtatious, compulsive cat-nap per, selectively deaf, excellent at batting eyes and smiling, also excellent at turning people into newts or making hair fall out (between Midnight and 3:37am).

Often blamed for mysterious disappearances and transformations around town, bad weather, crop failure, fever, death, warts and W.C.’s limp.


Name: Kershaw Boggs A.K.A. Red Wolf

You can almost always find him with a bottle of booze at a poker table.  You can walk away from the table smiling after a conversational piece never realizing he sold you a vile of water. Just to perpetuate his habits much further. He is a true snake oil salesman. …


Rex from Tex A.K.A. The Man, Big Business

He likes money, winning, whiskey, and women and hates losing. A Condescending, vicious, cunning, gluttonous, and brooding individual. Poker shark gone tradesman and now oil tycoon, Rex has now set his sights on Frontiersville and his next possible investment. It is unclear if he is after possible gold or black gold, but one thing is for sure, once Rex sets his sights on something, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


Raby A.K.A. Lady Raby.

Heart of Gold, Naive to the world yet deeply cultured through rare media exposure, starry-eyed, spastic, impulsive, will do almost anything to get on stage – except that! A debutante, Texas royalty, Idealistic, Southern peach, Loving, Charming, a great pretender, childlike except when she’s “on”, Always “on” impulsive embellisher, over-actor, chews gum and plays with it, cock tease. Her biggest fear is Not “making it” or not being well received by society in general. Views herself as The Starlet



Wenceslas Cornelius Thornbush A.K.A. The Mayor, Thornbush

Sincerely Insincere, Delusional, Conceited, Driven, Principled, Ambitious, Survivalist, Idealist, Vicious, Loving, Spiteful, By the Book, Proclaimed himself Mayor of Frontierville. The way he sees it, his ideas for how things should be are the best and he alone has the will to get the work done as long as he has the will of the people behind him.  He believes he was born to lead men to the acme of civilization and knows that the Frontier is the place to build what has never before been built; a free society without the strictures placed by old gods and edicts and traditions and under no rule, not by business, not by church, and not by politics, that is why there is no council of government, because W.C. knows best.

Elly Brown

Elly Brown

A.K.A. Lady Thornbush

Sincere, driven, ambitious, confident and resourceful. A survivalist. Loving and devoted she stands by her man. Committed to this town we now call home, by staying active and keeping a busy social life singing in the local band and helping keep the town clean. Some may call her a prude, boy are they wrong. Behind every great man is an even greater woman.



Miss Bae Reme Livengood A.K.A. Nurse bR

Cares about it as much as you do, Loves her people. Sweet with sarcasm, Happy to take a look at “that thing” that’s troubling you, just keep it clean, dry and outta the sun. Likes to be sexy. Doesn’t like to be told she is sexy. Takes her 10yrs to trust you. Is the “Boss’s Gal” but only Blackie can call her that. Loves her apron, and hates gender discrimination. Is a born-again Frontillian, like everyone else in town.



The Rusty Dingo A.K.A. Dingo

The Dingo is Frontierville’s very own Guard Dog. If you are a citizen, he won’t bite you! Having said that, if you or visitors, look at any of the fine maidens, in a disrespectful or derogatory way, threaten “Mayor WC Thornbush’s”, steal from “The Boss” at The General Store OR sip some whiskey without “The Sheriff”, The Dingo will give you the look, which means you best be going. The look is all The Dingo has ever needed to get the message across. He doesn’t believe in physical violence, he relies purely on his brutish look. He wears a very intimidating steel chain around his neck and does not believe in sleeves or footwear.

Know this Frontillians, in the middle of the night when you hear The Dingo howl, know he’s out there keeping you safe.



Chicken foot Louise



Ian Francis Xavier A.K.A. Killer, Bone Saw, Javier , X,

Lineage 1/8 pirate 1/8 ninja 1/8 cowboy 2/8 Spaniard 1/8 saint 2/8 Italian.  Quick in the art of stealth, espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and open combat.



The Russian, A.K.A. The Cossack Steamroller, Vanya Vladimirovich Krasnaya Boroda, Nickels Pickles

Staunch Communist, only insofar as it suits him, gregarious, hard to understand, breaks out into song when drunk. Participates in much fiddling and shredding of banjos. Is a premium grill chz manufacturer on griddle. Is hot-blooded, has a big heart. Trying hard to understand American but often American is wily and beyond understanding. Eats many pickles, tells jokes in broken English, winks with whole face, pick people up and weigh them.



Kataline Darwin

Older than you think. Born in the Deep Deep South… they call it Mexico. First woman anyone knew to ever drive a train for a living. Enjoys conversing with folks, holding her own behind most counters, possess a serious affinity for all forms of amplification, has been known to pour the bottle for others in need, and sing a lick here and there. Boot Scootin’ is her most favorite thing to do. So if you see her sittin’ still too long, please check her pulse… then get her some water and to a dance floor immediately.



If there’s a last name it got stuck in the throat of some poor drunk who didn’ make it out of the room to spit it out. Characteristics:  Nice, friendly, adaptable, as long as there’s a drink at the end of the table waiting.  Has had a colorful life and plenty of nights in the cold.  If he likes you, you family, else watch the knife and keep a grip on that watch.

Loves the ladies and dancing and a good whiskey.


Sunshine Thompson A.K.A. Sunny, Sunny Delight, Red, Redhot

Her whispers will wake the dead (read: she’s loud!), can’t keep a secret unless it’s sealed with a kiss, then it goes to the grave. She’s handy in the kitchen, even more so in the bedroom. Always leaves guests smiling, although no one knows why. Smart, quick witted, loving, sweet yet manipulative, grounded yet wild, can’t be tamed. Loves Men, Herb, Pickle backs, flirting, and taking bets.


Philbert Dundee

He’s a youthful Amish, in constant wonderment. Is excited, has wiggly knees, full of smiles and joy. Venturing into the exterior world for the first time, on account of Rumspringa (amish right of passage). Philbert is wide eyed and amazed at all he sees.  Electricity, music, naked ladies!!! All is amazing, and the world is his oyster. He is often found singing songs of the homeland and trying to chop down trees. The final question will be does Philbert return to his amish ways upon end of his birth given quest, or will he decide to become a man in the new world he has found…



The outlaw scoundrel known for the thievery of undergarments. Has drunken outbursts. He has been under suspicion by the townsfolk and could be arrested at any moment for his despicable behavior.


Mistress Beatrix Belle Young A.K.A. Trixie

Crafty, artful, alluring & sneaky. Seemingly always in the right place at the wrong time. Loves whiskey, flirting and getting her way. Has sticky fingers and expensive taste. Keep a close eye on your heart and your wallet while Trixie is around.



Unusual fella… not much is really known about the origins of Mr. Highwater. It’s rumored that he went awol from the Mexican Army and is hidin’ out under the guise of a train-hoppin’, whiskey drinkin’, ramblin’ minstrel. He drinks TNT and smokes dynamite. Is unpredictable, mysterious, charming, fond of the lady folk, generally helpful and respectful, but easily ticked-off and absolutely HATES being mistaken for his arch nemesis and apparent twin brother?. Considers himself to be “a REAL ass cowboy” (although he has no horse, or a cow for that matter). Foul mouthed, Often spouting out nonsensical poetry, strange metaphoric slogans, and indistinguishable shouts and hollers. Likes to “just wing it” and when he’s not rehearsing for the Great American Show, he can be found wanderin’ the town playin’ his “gee-taarr” and ‘causin’ trouble.

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