Creating Life for the Memorable Moments

Available for your next event ! 

The Grand Artique is ready for your next event:

  • Staging
  • Corporate
  • Club
  • Yacht party
  • Festival
  • Street fair
  • Office/House
  • Overseas extravaganza
  • You have space we have stuff!

We are an entertainment troupe with all the extras we can staff performers or rent & build  you a Structure plus the  furniture to fill it.    Looking for a character enhanced evening , or some random props for your gathering we’ve got you convered.   We can provide the essentials or the extra accoutrements to take any event to the next level we’ve stored cleaned and catolaged the forgotten items for any occasion  .

We can serve all size events with custom packages available to you.  Peruse the rentals see what catches your curosity.

Church Pew

1’5 wide what kind of wood, great for weddings , ceremony’s , seating outdoor events, sets,  and taking a nap in the park.

Not good for:  Carving your name into.

Whiskey Barrels

15 total Great for: Tables, Decor, window prop, filling empty space, trash receptacle
Not good for :  Filling up with water to take a cowboy bath in.

Wood Creates

25 total Haul with them, stack them , pack with them, decor with them, sit on them, side tables, end tables,

Not good for :  Jumping up and down on or using as a stage to make a mayoral speech.

Trading Post

    The One-Stop-Shop for any event, from here to everywhere this Traveling Medicine Show has everything from lighters to jumper cables.  For sale or Trade.  This is an old time Mercantile and apothecary collection born from passion this is our specialty, and currently what we’re famous for.   Curetting events from San Diego to Michigan we come Fully staffed with a team of certified tradesmen this is the must stop shop for goods and entertainment for your guests. We prefer trades as our legal tender.  Our Post is a character enhanced affair, this will be more then a general store, it will be a place of gathering, information, creation, performance and service for any sized event. It will provide; the forgotten necessities, unknown wants, and hidden vices  in a fashion unlike any other.Transported to the guest with entertaining shenanigans, quick wits, proper service, and an everlasting memory.    We are 100% pure TRADING POST.   Bring something to our trading post  or just be ready to let go of what you think you know and lets make an ol’ fashion barter
Not Good For: Trading GLOW sticks, trash, plastic,  or bad JU JU 

The Gypsy Cart/ Time Machine

This creation is what started it all. 4’x3′ on rolling wheels and a fold down front facade,. Easy to move around makes for a interesting piece to add to your event.  This is a mobile version of the brick and mortor shop, which will give your attendees the opportunity to experience the age old practice or road side vending.  We can set up anywhere and anytime.  Basic  enjoyment forgotten supplies and amenities available  this cart can be used for a ticketing booth, merchandise counter, jewelry display, clown house ,a  late night grilled cheese shack, a wisdom attractor,  a stage, an acoustic hangout, a  night capper ,a hideout, a confession booth, a candy coated drift wood, ally trash, architecturally salvaged grand artique attic- and so much more.  This little beauty is constructed out of 100 percent recycled materials found in San Diego and beyond.   It will stop people in there tracks and have them wondering what in the world is that … wait theres somebody sitting inside.  Call now for a test drive.
Not Good for-  Fitting in a truck, leaving unattended,  or rolling down a hill.

The General Store mercantile and apothecary:

Where dreams are encouraged and possibilities become reality. More than a physical place the General Store is a state of mind. The inspiration for what we do can be traced back to the earliest trading posts and later to the traveling covered wagon “Pitchmen” who seemed part salesman, part magician. A time and place where goods had no set price but rather where buyer and seller came to an agreement either by trading one item for another or by a negotiated payment in coin.  .  If anything this is the thing you want servicing the thousands going in and out the gates of your good time.  Pharmacy, candy store, smoke shack, salves, oils, sprays, all the oddities curiosities part museum all gallery & attitude . Fun for kids better for adults repair shop included.
Not good for- faint of heart but ok for a heart attack- see Edwardian Ball story


The Grand Oak Hotel

A two story structure, an awe inspiring instillation that is fully interactive, sturdy   American steel , built Artique adequate.  This baby could withstand a hurricane or 75 people jumping up and down on the second story .   It can be a stage where live acts can showcase their talents or serve as a lounge area behind the scenes for your tired masses with hammocks and pillows, or just stand alone as an abodned building from a time that once was.   This is a multi use structure completely decked out with vintage furniture, a large commons area for games and fun, 2 “hotel rooms” curated and ready for relaxing.

Not Good For : small spaces,  women in skirts , or sleeping next to the Mayor 

Beduoin Tent

Straight form the sultan himself this tent can house a varity of acts, show, parties, and entertainment.   Looks like it came from Moracco, or maybe eygpt or perhaps India. Not all gypsy or piky just creates a world all its own. Equipt with accents unplaceable, its wrapped  in fabric- canvass and rugs this tent has seen the forrest, the cemetarty and ready to be set up any time and place

Not good for: setting up in the wind without voodoo

The House Band

Wc Thornbush and The Great Amercian Show-  Add music to the experience with our three to 10 piece band. Part porch jug swamp jump dirty old blues , part Georgia peach Kentucky blue grass California Funk Theatrical good time this band can do it all.  Orginals to covers and all in-between.  Ready to romp stomp and boogie
Not good for – Anyone with a heart condition



Lighting – Café lights, chandeliers, desk lamps, floor lamps , hanging lamps, work lights , par cans , sconses , wall , floor , back round, ambient , or see it from space we’ve got you covered.

Not good for:  photo developing 

The Grand Stand

With its own stage manager and MC, the public house will also provide entertainment by the full crew of Frontiervillians and the House Band between the local acts

The Supply Tent:

A civil war era hospital tent that looks like it came from Gettysburg front line. We have two of them a Large and a Small field office size or perfect for setting up a dressing room at your wedding. These can be used for all kinds of affairs and look great sitting in the field all alone.


Curtains/ Pipe and Drape/ Fabric

All shapes and sizes colors vary – Canvass, sheers,  Leather,  Army curtains 100′ maroon colored each piece is 3’x7′, 2 large red velvet stage curtains 15’x15′.

Oddities Curiosities small stuff

Oddities/Curiosities/ small stuff / knick knacks We have an entire shop, 3 garages, two houses,  10 glass cases , numerous boxes suitcases, bags, car trunks, truck beds , and hope chest busting at the seems we have an addiction to projects, side deals, junkin’ chucken’ diven’ swappen’ meeten greetten’ preformen’ selling, trading , collecting .. we are the artique attic gang,  composed of  real  salvage fanatics, with estate- yard -garage sale habits , we’re swap meet divers, vintage survivors, purveyors of the aged, looking for the livelier reasons to save the things people just want to throw away . So much so that we need more space we’ve been looking for a warehouse to organize all these artifacts and treasures so come peruse the gallery of the unusual and see what its usually like.


Old Bicycles

One Raliegh English style around town bike early 1900’s          two  schwinn cruisers 1950’s


Glassware- bottles, glasses, vases, pump liquor containers, flasks, candy jars, dishes, cocktail glasses


Knives , Swords, Bats, Weapons , Canes

Flags, new/ old obscure

Flags, new/ old obscure

Rugs, Carpets, Throws



Chairs /Tables/ card tables/  Benches



Vintage Sports Memorabilia

Furs, taxidermy animals, horns, leather

Performing artists

Projection screens 15'x5', 7'x7',

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