A sideshow,  of medicine, Elixirs- lotion, oil, and potions, a notion of artique antics schematics and rad habits.  For clowns, comics, gypsies, musicians, artist, hippies , people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and disguises.Specializing in crystal ball palm reading tipsy organic, natural, healing, wisdom, laughter smiles, styles, confession sessions and spiritual awareness. Indulge in chocolates, mints, sprints , golf, suckers, pucker up for a kiss a hug some love, a unique treat, or surprise , lies, ties, or a good alibi , get a smoke , or just choke on addicticial feats of amazement in the shade ,sun, rain, or shine near the stall, stage, we’re one of a kind….so step right up and put your ball, have the lady look into the crystal ball tell your confession  or just have a session .  To sit around and take your precious time…

Some of California’s finest production company’s realized we were more then just small trading wagon we were in fact, a trading company on our way to becoming a full blown show one part wild west saloon, one part theatrical madhouse.  Equip full of gritty characters, builders, designers, performers we drafted a team all with common goals to create art, have fun, and do what we love.

From our storefront in Pacific Beach , C.A. we have mixed our unusual antics with a love of the past, old, forgotten and rusty artifacts of America.  And now we bring the show on the road, offering to festivals, small towns and the world a taste of our dreams like only The Grand Artique can provide.


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