What is the The Grand Artique?

Imagine a place where life is different- a step back in time if you will.  A place where all music genres are welcome, where your needs are not a dollar sign, where politicians say exactly what they think, where a good time is exactly that and where hard work is rewarded with respect and gratitude.

At first we were a trading company, some say a general store, but stay awhile and you will find that we have become much more.  With a home base in San Diego and a power team in Los Angeles, tHe gRaNd aRtiQuE has created, delivered, and uncovered a unique and refreshing brand of entertainment. Bringing our infrastructure of barter and trade, performance art installations and diverse live music acts to large multi-day festivals and events across the Union with a sky’s-the-limit attitude, we think we offer a groundbreaking experience. This is the heart of tHe gRaNd aRtiQuE, we invite you to peruse through the gallery of the unusual

Always best to call to make sure we are open!


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