We Will be at Electric Forrest

Back again and ready for action,
The GrandArtique is expanding their footprint to bring to the good people of Sherwood Forest a little taste of American hospitality. Back with their signature storefront, this year we want to add a taste of the absurd by creating trap doors, false fronts, strange entrances and of course experience participation rooms where festival goers can create the experience of other festival goers.
Get behind the trading Counter. This year we are offering participants the opportunity to trade with each other. Get in the cage and learn to swap hand to hand for goods and services. Be the owner of the store and the boss of the plains.
Relax in our newly fabricated TreePees! Using the forest surroundings we have come up with the ultimate envy of all the forest folk, a personal living room for festies to use all day and night. Several of these treepees will create our border around The Trading Post and add to the charm of the old fashioned aesthetic.
The Stables! Increasing the ability for impromptu Hide and Seek, the Stables will be a hit for all those little hippies that haven’t forgotten their youth.
The Health Club! Additionally the Grand Artique will be offering their Health Club to all participants willing to try their hand at the Healing Arts!
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